Buying a College Investment Property for Your CSU Student

Is it a good idea to buy an investment property for your CSU student? If you have a child who is attending CSU in Fort Collins or really any university, buying a condo or townhome could be a great investment instead of throwing money away each month paying to rent an apartment. Keep reading to learn more about how you could turn this major expense into a great long term investment.

When your child goes off to college you obviously have to think about the cost of the education but another huge expense is the cost of housing. Often times, you’ll want your child to live in the dorms the first year to meet a lot of people and to make friends in this new city. But most students will want to move off campus for the second year. This means they’ll be paying rent for 3 years (often times many more years). Over a three year period at the current rental rates, you’ll spend a fortune just for housing.

If you are able to buy a Fort Collins condo, townhome or small house, you will put all of that rent money into building equity for your investment property PLUS you can have a roommate pay the majority of the mortgage payment AND you’ll take advantage of the real estate appreciation. It’s literally a win/win/win situation for you. Watch the video above to see a breakdown of how all of this works together to make you money.

college investment property
buy a college rental property

Is Buying a College Rental a Good Investment?

Buying a rental property for your college aged child can be a great investment. Here are all of the ways that buying a property in a college town can make you money:

  • The money you would be paying for your child’s rent going into a principle reduction on your mortgage.
  • Your child’s friend(s) pay you rent for the property and pay down your mortgage.
  • The real estate will appreciate in value over a 3 year or more period.
  • With roommates, you won’t have to pay as much (or at all) out of pocket each month.
  • You may be able to write some expenses off on your taxes (consult a tax professional).
  • After your child is down with school, you can continue to rent the property or you can sell it for a profit.

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Andy Hawbaker

Andy Hawbaker


Northern Colorado Realtor and Fort Collins, CO investment property expert.

Fort Collins Colorado Investment Properties

Fort Collins, Colorado is a great community with many real estate investment opportunities. As discussed, buying a investment property for your CSU student is kind of a no-brainer. The reason that purchasing a CSU rental for your student is such a great investment is not only that it saves you money over the time your kid is living in Fort Collins but also, Fort Collins and the greater CSU area has continued to appreciate and real estate prices are only going to continue to increase.

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Andy Hawbaker is a Fort Collins, Colorado area realtor who can help you with the purchase of a CSU investment property. Andy Hawbaker has lived in Northern Colorado since 2005 and has helped people purchase income producing properties in the area. If you want to talk to a Realtor who knows Northern Colorado and Colorado State University, reach out to me on my contact page

*Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor in Northern Colorado with Coldwell Banker Realty.