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Are your ready to move into a larger home for your family? Do you need a dedicated home office now that you are working from home? Looking to get into that nicer neighborhood? Absolutley, moving into a new home can be so exciting. Is the hassle of selling your current home holding you back? Don’t worry. I have the answer. 

As a licensed Realtor, I searched out a program to help make the real estate process even easier for people moving from one home to another. That is why I have become a Knock Home Swap certified agent.  

With this program, you can buy your dream house now with an offer that is not contingent on you selling your other home. In today’s hot real estate market this is a big advantage for winning against other offers.  Then you can move into the new home without the stress of deadlines to get out of the older house. 

Once you are settled you can clean and repair the older house to help get you top dollar. You won’t have to leave the house for showing or have any of those headaches. The program can even give you up to $25,000 to help make repairs to the home to ensure is goes for the best price. 

After the home sells you can celebrate within the comforts of the new house you’ve already comfortably been living in. This program truly takes all of the hassle out of buying and selling homes. The best part is that it is still really reasonably priced. The fees you pay for this whole home swap program are less that you would think. 

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To learn more about the Home Swap program available through Andy Hawbaker, fill out the form below. Andy will follow up to determine if you are eligable for this home buying program.

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Andy Hawbaker, Realtor

Andy Hawbaker, Realtor

Certified Swap Swap Agent

Andy is a licensed Real Estate Agent 8z Real Estate. He serves Windsor, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and beyond.