8z Cash Buyer Program

In this very competitive sellers market, a home buyer has to be ready to make their offer as competitive as possible if they want to be the chosen offer. At 8z Real Estate we want to see out buyers win. That is why we created the Cash Buyer Program. The entire system is simple and easy yet it will save you a lot of time and money. Watch the video to learn more. 

How Being A Cash Buyer Saves You Money

If you are able to take advatage of the 8z Cash Buyer Program, you’ll actually save a lot of money. First of all, you’ll be able to be the chosen offer even without having to make crazy bids well about the asking prices. Second, you’ll win the house on the first offer instead of spending weeks or months looking for a house. At the current appreciation level of 1.8% per month, getting a house under contract now really does save you a lot of money. 

How Making a Cash Offer Saves You Time 

The average cash buyer makes 1.2 offers before they get a home under contract. Non-cash buyers can easily put in offers or 7 or 8 homes. Since you can really only put in 1 offer each weekend that could be months of looking at homes. If you apply for the 8z Cash Buyer Program, you pick the perfect home and make an offer with confidence. 

How Does the Cash Offer Program Work?

It’s quick and simple, you apply just like you do for a regular mortgage loan. The 8z Lender will be able to answer further questions and get you all set up for the program. Then you shop for a home just like normal. Once you find the house, Andy Hawbaker will help you place a full cash offer. Once the home is under contract, we’ll go through the normal real estate process and 8z Cash Buyer will close on the house. A few days after that transaction is completed, we’ll sell the house to you. 

In the end you end up with your dream home and even with a 1% transaction fee, you’ll likely to have saved money versus trying to buy a home the traditional way.

Cash Buyer Program

More Information on the Cash Buyer Program

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