Can You Buy A Home Near Fort Collins For Under $500,000?

The cost of housing in Colorado has been increasing at an alarming rate. I talk to people all of the time who ask, “Can you buy a home near Fort Collins, CO for under $500,000?”. The answer to that question is YES. There are some options to buy really nice Northern Colorado Homes in the $400,000 range.

The above video walks through a home recently sold in Wellington Colorado. That home was priced at $450,000. Here is another home in Severance, CO that was priced at $400,000: Severance, CO Home for sale.

As you can see, there are still many options to buy a home near Fort Collins for under $500,000. There are homes located in Fort Collins that can be affordable but often times they will need a little bit of work. If you are willing to live a little further away from town, you’ll have a lot more options. For example, homes are popping up in Loveland, CO that are priced from $370,000 to $425,000. These homes move very quickly so you’ll want to be working with a Realtor who can get you into these homes quickly. 

Buy a Noco Home

Other great options for more affordable housing is to search in Johnstown or Milliken. I’ve found Milliken to be a great place for young families. There are many really nice neighborhoods in the area with homes in the $400,000 range.

Also, I’ve found Severance, CO to be a great community with more affordable housing that is still a short commute to Fort Collins, Loveland or Greeley.

If you are searching to buy a home in Northern Colorado that won’t break the bank, reach out to me. I’ve helped other first-time homebuyers and young families to buy homes in the area. In this market you will need to know where to look and you’ll need to move fast, and make strong offers that will get you into your desired house. 

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Fort Collins Real Estate Update 2021

Everybody has been talking about how hot the Fort Collins Real Estate Market is but have you reviewed the actual data? Let’s dig into the May 2021 data to see exactly what is going on in the Fort Collins and Loveland Real Estate Market. This is your Fort Collins Real Estate Update for June 2021.

Fort Collins Market Update

While the Fort Collins Market remains hot, you’ll see that Loveland, CO and all of Larimer County also saw similar results in may. The average sales price continue to rise at alarming rates. If you are a homeowner in Fort Collins or Loveland and have had any thoughts about selling your home, now may be the perfect time to sell your home.

That is the Market Update for June 2021. If you have any specific questions about anything regarding Northern Colorado Real Estate. Reach out to me at 970-203-5066. I would be happy to help. 

**Andy Hawbaker is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with Kris Lindahl Real Estate. Andy lives in Windsor, CO and services Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Surrounding Communities. For fastes response text 970-203-5066.