Do I Need to Use a Realtor When Buying A New Construction Home?

You’re buying a brand new home from a builder. The construcion company has a sales person on site who is quick to pull out a contract. Home buyers in this situation often ask: Do I need to use a realtor for new contruction? We’ll answer that in this video.

The quick answer is Yes. In the state of Colorado construction companies are allowed to use their own contracts. They do not have to use the standard contracts approved by the state. Homebuyers rarely read the contracts and you can guess who it favors. In fact, builders often times hire realtors to work in their sales office but they ask them to pause their real estate license so they aren’t required to follow the code of ethics and all of the rules.

Hiring a Realtor to have your back can save you a major headache. Your Realtor will know the right questions to ask and will review the contract for read flags. Your Real Estate Agent can walk you through the whole process and will keep you up to date and on track.

Hiring a Realtor for a new build home doesn’t cost you any money. The builder pays the buyer agents fee. It doesn’t increase the money you pay at all. So this is an opportunity to have someone involved in the transaction who has your back for no additional cost.

There are many benefits in buying a new construction home. When you do get into a new construction contract you’ll want a Realtor on your side. Remember, when you are buying you work with a Realtor for Free.

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Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor in Windsor Colorado. He would be happy to discuss your home buying needs and how to work with a new construction home. If you are buying or selling in Northern Colorado, reach out to Andy Hawbaker at 970-203-5066. 

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What if I Sell My House Before I find A New Home?

Here is a major concern that I hear all of the time from homeowners who are considering selling their home. If I sell my home too fast where will I go? Don’t worry, there are many ways that we can set up a real estate transaction so you won’t be homeless.

When the market is a hot and fast moving as it has been the last few years, houses seem to go on the market and sell right away. Sellers rarely will accept a contract contingent on selling your home in a hot Real Estate Market so you have to be ready to move quickly. Watch the video for some ideas:

If you are considering selling a home in Northern Colorado reach out to me through this website or text me at 970-203-5066 to discuss some options. If you are really concerned about when you will go, let’s discuss mortgage bridge loan options, cash buyer programs and post closing occupancies. 

Post Closing Occupancy

3 Ways to Hassle-Free Home Selling. Sell Your Home Quick & Easy.

It’s time to sell your home but you don’t want to waste time with the hassle of selling your home? No problem. This video has some quick tips for hassle-free home selling. There are some options to sell your house without any showings but there are also ways to sell your home for top dollar in a short period of time which will accomplish both making home selling easy and getting you a nice return on the property.

It’s become very common to sell your home to an ibuyer but should you sell your home to Zillow? If you are working with a professional Realtor, they should be able to coach you through selling your home quickly without having to take less money from a large investment company. 

Some things I would suggest for a quick home sale:

  1. Price it right. Pricing too high will push away potential buyers.
  2. Stage it. Good staging sells homes faster and for more money.
  3. Great photography. Online photos get people to houses for more showings.
  4. Hold open houses. Get as many people to the house as possible and make sure potential buyers see that many other people are interested.
  5. Promote the listing. Get as many eyes on it as possible.
Easy Home Selling Tips

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If I Sell My Home, Where Will I Go? – Real Estate Questions Answered

In a hot sellers market I get this question a lot from people thinking of selling their home. If I sell my home, where will I go?

This real estate question comes up a lot because it is a real fear of home sellers that their home will sell so fast and they won’t have time to find a new home. Don’t worry, you won’t be homeless. There are many ways to work a transaction to give you time to find a home. 

The concern starts with the realization that in a hot real estate market it is really hard to buy a home contingent on the sale of your current home. One easy solution to that is a Bridge Loan. Text me because I have a great option for bridge loans.

Outside of adjusting your financing, it is pretty common to request a Post-Closing Occupany where you stay in your home after closing for 30 to 60 days. In a really hot real estate market the buyers may let you stay in your home rent-free for that time which can really help out on your home search and since you’ve already closed you have the cash to make stronger offers on the home.

This is just the beginning. There are a lot of ways to structure a transaction to give you time to buy a new home. As a last resort, you could get a short term rental. 

Text me at 970-203-5066 and we can talk through the details of your particular situation.

*Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor with 8z Real Estate in Windsor, CO.*

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1st Time Home Buyer Questions – How Do I Pay My Property Taxes?

I’m working to answer your Real Estate questions quickly without all the crap you don’t want to be bothered with. After this one is answered, visit my YouTube Channel for more Real Estate Questions answered in around 30 seconds.

Today’s question is a common question from 1st time homebuyers. Here it is: How do I pay my property taxes after I’ve bought a new home?

This is a common real estate concern for new homebuyers because they’ve never been responsible for property taxes or paying for homeowners insurance before. I give the answer in this quick video:

Now you know that you don’t even have to worry about paying your homeowners insurance or property taxes, the mortgage company should collect that in your monthly mortgage payment. This is called escrow. They collect the amount needed to cover the property tax as a portion of your monthly payment then they pay the tax when it is due. You don’t even have to worry about it. 

This is actually really convenient for most homeowners because you don’t need to remember when your property taxes are due and you don’t need to make sure you have money saved up for this expense either. It just happens for you. Obviously, make sure you ask your mortgage company about this. Don’t just assume it’s going to happen because of this blog post. 

Do you have more questions about buying a first time home owners? Reach out to me or comment on a video in this playlist: Real Estate Questions Answered

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How to Work With A Realtor for Free When Buying A Home?

You want to buy a home but with the closing costs and downpayment you are wondering how you can afford it all. Well, did you know that you can work with a Realtor for free when you are buying a home? It’s true.

The Realtor is someone who has your back and guides you through the whole real estate process. They do a lot more than just open doors for you, they keep the process moving and protect their clients from legal issues. 

The Realtor that represents the buyer is actually paid at closing by the seller. It is all part of the closing costs but it comes out of the sellers proceeds so hiring a buyers agent actual is free. 

*There is one major question to ask a realtor though. Always ask them “Do you charge a transaction fee?” It is becoming more and more common to charge a transaction fee to the buyer. This can be $200 up to $700 (maybe higher). Realtors that charge a transaction fee do the same job it just costs you hundreds of dollars extra.*

I do not charge a transaction fee so it truly is free to work with me as a buyers agent. If you don’t ask other realtors about their transaction fee, you might not know until it pops up on your closing documents. 

Hopefully this has answered the question, how can I work with a Realtor for free. Visit my YouTube Channel for more real estate questions answered quickly. Just the facts you want to know without all of the B.S. 

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