Why Coldwell Banker?

There are literally thousands of options for real estate brokerages. I began my real estate career with a broker who was from out of state. After a short run there I was dead set on working for a smaller brokerage with local Colorado roots. I did that for over a year and slowly began to realize, real estate isn’t like other industries where the big corporations treat employees bad and slowly lose their connection with the customers. I’ve actually come to realize that Coldwell Banker offers agents the best technology, tools and support in the industry.

As a Northern Colorado Realtor, I’m running my own business. Everyday the actions I take and the effort I put in for my clients are what matters. The brand is only about the tools, the team learning opportunities and the ability to work with fellow agents. But day to day I run my own business. I would be doing my clients a disservice if I didn’t use the industries best tool available to real estate agents. 

Coldwell Banker has been in business 116 years

In over 116 years, Coldwell Banker has grown to thousands of offices in 41 countries across the world. It is the number one recognized real estate brand with the most views online. All of this translates down to the customer and allows you to sell your home for more money in less time and can be helpful if you are moving across the country or across the world.

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Why I chose Coldwell Banker Realty

As a local Real Estate Agent in Windsor, Colorado, the success of my business rides on the activities that I do each day and how I take care of my clients. Real Estate is all about reviews and referrals. But that part that my clients don’t see is all of the behind the scenes work that goes into it. Coldwell Banker offers the latest technology and tools to make sure I’m as efficient as possible so I can bust out the work and have more time to spend with my clients.

Coldwell Banker is an easy option for a realtor but also for the consumer. Most consumers don’t pay much attention to the brokerage that their agent is affiliated with but I can tell you that who you work with matters.

If you have more questions about Coldwell Banker Realty in Northern Colorado or about Northern Colorado Real Estate, contact me.

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