**Hey, Thanks for checking this out. First of all, thank you for being a friend. I sent you a market valuation of your home for 3 main reasons.

1. With Home Values Appreciating at record levels it is hard to stay up on what your most valuable asset is worth.

2. Maybe you need to look at refinancing your home or it’s time to evaluate your homeowners insurance. This reminder might help you save yourself some money or hardship.

3. Every time I examine a neighborhood it helps me along in my journey to be the Northern Colorado Real Estate Market Expert.

So What’s Next? 

Let me know if you want a recommendation for a lender to refinance your mortgage or an insurance agent to review your policy. Otherwise, call or text me to talk about everything else. We can discuss home imporments, what it would take to sell your home and cash out, or longer term planning of how your house needs may be changing over the next few years. Whatever is on your mind, reach out. I can help.

**Remember, this is not my opinion about the value of your house but is an evaluation using comparable sales to estimate what the market would value your house at. If you have specific questions about your home please reach out to me at 970-203-5066.**

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