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Greeley Colorado is a great community located in Northern Colorado. Greeley in about an hour from Denver and Denver International Airport (DIA). The city of Greeley offers a lot of really great amenities including being home to the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). There are many reason why people chose to move to Greeley. Let’s dive into the Greeley Colorado Real Estate market and look at what makes Greeley a great place to live.

Why Move to Greeley

There are many reasons that people chose to move to Greeley, CO. One of the main reasons is that Northern Colorado has great weather. We gets lots of sunshine. The air is dry with low humidity and the winters are warmer than you think. Greeley actually gets very little snow. The downside is that Greeley has an increased chance for hail or tornadoes as compared to other places in Northern Colorado.

Greeley enjoys beautiful views of the Colorado Front Range. Being further east gives Greeley residents a wonderful view of the snowpacked peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park and beyond.

The economy in Northern Colorado is really good. There are many employment opportunities throughout the region. Greeley has some large employers and many small and medium sized businesses. From Greeley it is an easy commute to Fort Collins, Windsor and Loveland. In addition, many people commute to Cheyenne, Longmont, Boulder or even the Northern suburbs of Denver. 

Living in Greeley, CO

One reason that a lot of people chose to live in Greeley is that Greeley is less expensive than surrounding areas. You’ll get a lot more house for your money in Greeley than you will in nearby communities like Fort Collins, Windsor or Loveland. If you are looking for affordable living in Colorado, check out Evans too. Evans is a town on the south side of Greeley where you can buy homes more affordably. 

In addition to being a nice community that is more affordable than its neighbors, Greeley really does offer some great amenities. Greeley has a mall, many shopping centers including the big box stores you would expect, movie theathers, events and sporting events at the university, a cute downtown area and many breweries and restsurants. 

Greeley Colorado Realtor

Are you getting serious about moving to Greeley? It’s time to reach out to a Greeley Colorado Realtor. 

Andy Hawbaker is a Licensed Realtor in Northern Colorado who has sold houses in Greeley and Evans as well as surrounding communities. As a resident of Northern Colorado since 2005, Andy can help walk you through the pros and cons of different areas and help make you Greeley home purchase as easy as possible.

Andy Hawbaker

Andy Hawbaker


Andy Hawbaker is the local Greeley Colorado Real Estate Expert.

Greeley Realtor

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Greeley Colorado Real Estate Market Update

How is the Greeley Real Estate Market? Well, just like most of Colorado and the United States, the real estate market has been incredible hot for the last couple of years but things are beginning to slow down which means that there are some great opportunities for buyers looking to buy homes in Greeley and surrounding areas.

Now might be a fantastic time to buy a property in Greeley. The real estate market is always changing so reach out to me directly with any questions that you have.

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