Home Buying Process

Whether you are looking to buy your first home or if you just haven’t bought a home for a few years, it is important to have an understanding of the home buying process. As a Northern Colorado Realtor who has help First Time Homebuyers and people sell and buyer their move up homes, I always have enjoyed educating my clients on the process. I believe that having a clear and concise understanding of the process helps buyers have clarity and more confidence in their decisions. So Let’s get started.

Property Marketing Plan

Step 1: Meeting with Andy Hawbaker – You’ll want to begin with a Free buyers consultation. We’ll sit down and discuss your hopes and dreams. Once I have an understanding of what you truly need, I can save you a lot of time in the home search process. We’ll end this with an understanding of the process and next steps.

Step 2: Loan Pre-Approval Process- You’ll need to be pre-approved so we know what you’ll qualify for so we only look at homes that you can afford. Also, if we find the perfect home we’ll need to move fast and we’ll want that approval letter in hand.

Step 3: Home Searching- Oh, the fun part. Now we are ready to go look at homes. You can send me properties you see listed and I’ll send you the homes that I think will work best. We’ll look at homes until we find something you love.

Step 4: Make an Offer- We’ll discuss comparable sales in the area and I’ll help you make the strongest offer possible. I write the contracts to protect you but in a hot sellers market we have to be smart about what we offer so we can win the property. I’ll walk you through that.

Step 5: Under Contract/Dates & Deadlines – Yay, we are under contract and now we go into the due diligence period. We’ll need to deliver the Earnest Money, schedule an inspection and get the information to your mortgage lender ASAP. I’ll keep you posted on all of the dates and deadlines and together we will navigate the entire process all the way to closing.

Step 6: Closing Day- We’ll sign the closing documents at a title company (or via a Notary) and the title company will handle all paperwork to ensure your new ownership of the home.

Step 7: Celebrate/Move – We will celebrate that we found you a new home and that it is now yours. On the possession date you will begin moving into your new home.

Sell Your Home With Hawbaker

The above steps are a simplified descriptions of the process. There are hundreds of moving parts and many questions will come up along the way. The great part about working with me is that we can stop and discuss things as we go and I can keep you up to date with what is likely to happen next. 

At any point now, during the process or a year later, just give me a call or text.