Moving to Milliken, CO

Milliken is a small Northern Colorado town that is located between Loveland and Greeley. It is near Johnstown but offers a slightly quieter community. Milliken has a small downtown with a couple of restaurants, police station, post office, and a few stores. This historic small town now has some newer subdivisions making this a great town for raising a family.

Most people move to Milliken because of a lower home price. The cost to live in Milliken is less than the larger cities of Fort Collins & Loveland but you’re close enough to enjoy all of the great things that Northern Colorado has to offer. Consider moving to Milliken for a quiet lifestyle at a lower price without giving up the conveniences of Loveland and Greeley. Many people find that buying a home in Milliken is easier than other places in Northern Colorado.

Moving to Milliken Colorado

Living in Milliken

Admittedly, Milliken is a small town and it doesn’t offer everything you will need but, downtown Milliken has Pelican Joes Pizza, The Cracked Egg, a bar, a liquor store, a dispensary, and a coffee shop.

The newer neighborhoods that have been built in the last few years make great family homes with 3 or 4 bedrooms a couple bathrooms and usually a two or three car garage.

The town of Johnstown is only a couple of miles away. Johnstown has even more restaurants, stores and a grocery store for those things you can’t get in Milliken.

For more shopping options, you’ll want to dirve to Greeley or Loveland, both of which are only 15 to 20 minutes away.

Living in Milliken Colorado

New Construction in Milliken, CO

One reason that people choose to move to Milliken is that you can buy a new or newer house for far less than anywhere else in Northern Colorado. If you compare home prices in Fort Collins and Loveland, you’ll find that you’ll get a lot more house for your money in Milliken or Severance, CO.

There are a couple of new construction neighborhoods where you can find single family homes and townhomes. Want to learn more about buying a new home in Milliken? Reach out today.

Milliken Realtor

If you are thinking about buying a home or selling your home in Milliken, you’ll want to call a local real estate agent who knows the Milliken Real Estate Market. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about Milliken or what homes are currently available. Call or text 970-203-5066 to get started.