Northern Colorado Mortgage Loan Approvals

When you are looking to buy a house in Northern Colorado, the first step is to get pre-approved for your mortgage loan. The mortgage loan approval process isn’t that complicated. You simply need to reach out to a loan officer or apply on their website. You can use any bank or mortgage broker that you would like. But keep these things in mind:

1. Local Mortgage Brokers are always better than a loan officer that lives in another state and has to rely on voicemails and emails to communicate.

2. Large Banks are notorious for delaying closing or not being able to close on time.

3. Being able to meet your loan officer and have them attend the closing is going to be a better experience than depending on a 1-800 number when something goes wrong. 

Like I said above, you can use any mortgage loan officer that you would like. I’m making this list to share some names of loan officers that I have dealt with and who have not had any trouble closing on time. 

(In no particular order)
Joe Whitlock OR Chris Murphy – The Murphy Whitlock Group
Joe: 702-281-5928 |
Chris: 323-363-6760 |

Troy Baldwin – Guild Mortgage
Troy: (970) 301-0321 |

Jamie Laskie – Guild Mortgage
Jamie: (970) 226-5668 –

Todd Kooi – Bank of Colorado
Todd: 970-669-1355 –

More information coming soon. If you have any questions give me at call at 970-203-5066