Andy Hawbaker’s New Listing Marketing Plan

There are a lot of ways to sell a home. You can try For Sale By Owner if you want o add a lot of work to your plate and ultimately get less money from your house. You could go with a discount broker who will put it in the MLS and just pray it sells. You can sell directly to an iBuyer which will give you less money and not really be any easier or quicker. OR you can talk to Andy Hawbaker about how to get the highest return on your home. Here are the very basics of that marketing plan. Andy can talk to you about the details at your convenince.

Pricing Your Home

We’ve got to start with pricing. Setting the asking price too low can leave money on the table but setting it too high can leave your home sitting on the market which will lead to price reductions and ultimately a much lower return than doing it right the first time.

I’ll provide you with recent comparable sales, current listings and history in your neighborhood. Then we can discuss the details of your home and we’ll pick a price that will set us up for you netting the highest amount possible. 

Property Marketing Plan

Getting Ready To Go On The Market

You’ll want to clean and declutter your home. Buyers will place the largest offers on homes that theyy can move right into. They will be turned away by dirt and grime.

Staging- Professional staging can make a big difference. I make this decision on each house individually. Options include bringing items into the home for staging, a simple staging consultation with a professional stager or no staging at all. We will discuss.

Professional Photography- This is where many discount agents really miss the mark. 95% of all home searches begin online. The photos really are the First showing of your property. The lighting needs to be great and the photos, video, drone footage, and 3D Matterport will be what brings people to see the home.

Sell Your Home With Hawbaker

Property Marketing Plan

Here’s where we really make a difference. Many agents put the home on the MLS, put a sign in the yard and then pray that it sells. My plan is to build excitement about the house, bring more people to the property and create an urgency for those interested in the property.

Coming Soon Listing- This is very underutilized by most agents but the property can be listed as Coming Soon before the showings even start. I like to have 4 days in the Coming Soon status so people can see it on the MLS, Zillow and other places. The anticipation builds up and more showings are scheduled.

Take it Live- We’ll take the listing live on Friday (or Saturday) when we can hopefully get a full day of showings. We want agents to see that other showings are scheduled and we’d like them to run into other parties coming or going at the property.

Open House- Many agents have been getting away from holding Open Houses. I believe strongly in holding an open house. More people will see the house, more people talk about the house, and again, they see other people interested in the house.

I prefer to hold an Open House on both Saturday & Sunday of the first weekend that we are on the market.

Signs- I will place a sign in your front yard as soon as the coming soon timeline begins. Signs will be placed all over the neighborhood for the Open House.

Emails to all 8z Realtors- Promote the property internally to 150 8z Realtors in Colorado.

Facebook Marketing to Agents – Promoting the property directly to my sphere of Northern Colorado Real Estate Agents.

Social Media Marketing- Promotion of the listing to all Social Media Channels including: Facebook Business, Facebook Personal, Instagram, LinkedIn, Instagram Reels, Facebook Live or Facebook Video, YouTube Video.

Social Media Ads- Paid Promotions on Facebook & YouTube. This is optional depending on the property.

Neighborhood Postcards- Postcards are designed and mailed to 50 closest addresses. We find that often time people know someone wanting to move to their neighborhood.

Printed Flyers- Professionally printed glossy flyers will be printed. These can be available at the sign, during the open house or on the counter during showings as a takeaway.

Zillow or Ads- 8z has strategies to get our listings to show at the top of these searches. Additionally we will pay to promote the Open Houses on these platforms.

8z Social Media – Coming Soon, Open House and Feauted Listings appear on the 8z Corporate Social Media Accounts.

Local Networking- I’m a regular at the local Chamber of Commerce, networking at socail events. I’ll be talking to many people about the property. Property is featured on my own website which has good SEO for local Realtor searches.

marketing your home

Undercontract Though Closing

I’m on your team all the way through closing. When we have offers, I’ll organize them on a spreadsheet, we’ll discuss the pros and cons and make sure you accept the best offer for your solution.

You’ll have an experienced negotiator on your side through inspections, appraisals, etc.I’ll walk you through the details andget you to the closing table.

So Much More- There’s so much more that goes into every transaction. This is meant as a quick introduction of the basics. If you have any questions just ask.