Your Real Estate Questions Answered in Under 30 Seconds

You’ve got questions about real estate but don’t have time for all of the B.S. I get it. That is why I went to YouTube to answer your real estate questions in under 30 seconds (or as close to that as I can). I’m taking real questions I’ve gotten from working with home buyers and home sellers in Northern Colorado.

I’m answering your real estate question in under 30 seconds. You can view these YouTube videos in the below YouTube playlist. More videos are being added each week. 

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What Can You Get For $400,000 in Northern Colorado?

It seems that all of the headlines these days are about how expensive home prices are. It is true that home values have appreciated at over 18% in the last year but there are still some opportunities to buy a house for $400,000 in Northern Colorado. You can find some houses in Loveland, Johnstown, Milliken and Greeley for under $400,000. This video features what you can expect in this price range. 

In the video above we tour a home in Milliken Colorado that is priced at $395,000 in October 2021. The home features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and a two car garage. The basement is framed out for two more bedrooms and a full bathroom. The neighborhood is nice and quiet. This is a great example of a home that is in good shape and a reasonable price. 

Finding a home to buy in Northern Colorado under $400,000 is becoming difficult but there are still opportunities out there. The town of Milliken is a good place to look for these homes. To start your home search, reach out to me through a form on this site or text me at 970-203-5066.

Homes under $400,000

When searching for a Northern Colorado home that isn’t $500,000+ you’ll want to look at Greeley, Milliken or Johnstown. I actually really like Milliken because the prices are reasonable yet you are so close to Greeley or Loveland for shopping, entertainment and employment. Schedule a time to discuss your home search with me by texting 970-203-5066. 

Windsor Colorado Real Estate Market Update

It is time for your monthly Windsor Colorado Real Estate Market Update. Let’s review the latest market data for Windsor, CO. The data in the video is from September 2021. We’ll review the market data for single family homes and townhomes/condos. Watch the video for details. 

As you can see in the video, the market is still really hot despite a slight bit of Fall seasonality. The current market is much better for buyers that earlier this summer and still outstanding for Northern Colorado home sellers.

Do you have specific questions about your particular situation? I’d love to help advise you on listing your Windsor home for sale or to start your local home search. To reach out to me, click the Calendly link to schedule a meeting or just send me a text at 970-203-5066.

Northern Colorado Real Estate Market

Annual Home Appreciation Rates

Annual Home Appreciation
Year-over-year home prices in Denver have appreciated at 19.3%. Statewide Colorado has seen homes appreciate at over 18% making it one of the fastest appreciating areas in the country.
Still, I hear people say, “I’ll buy why the prices go down”. This isn’t a bubble. This is high demand for something in short supply. Here’s why:
1. New home construction has lagged behind demand since 2008 (especially in lower price points).
2. Millennials are reaching their prime home buying years which is bringing millions of new home buyers to the market.
3. Investors with deep pockets are seeing opportunities in buying up homes at record numbers.
4. Baby Boomers are skipping their European vacations or annual cruises due to covid and instead looking to buy weekend vacation homes.
5. Rates are at all-time lows making larger prices manageable as compared to higher rents.
I do expect appreciation to slow down next year as rates rise but don’t expect prices to come down anytime soon. In fact, this fall is a great time to buy a house as the frenzy of the recent summer market has cooled down and your odds of getting a house have increased.
Sell House to Zillow

Is Fall A Good Time to Buy A Home?

Is Fall a good time of year to buy a house? Yes, absolutely. Fall means more than just cooler temperatures and falling leaves. It’s also a time of year when some people pull out of the real estate market to focus on other things. 

Most people get excited about moving in the spring. When winter ends and temperatures warm up people are ready for change and Open Houses get filled with visitors and ultimately higher and higher bids start winning the available houses. This summer was difficult for 1st-Time home buyers but the tides are changing. 

In late September and October we are seeing homes on the market for weeks instead of hours. We are even seeing some price reductions. With that in mind, you might have a better chance to get your dream home.  

Fall Home

I understand people who don’t want to move their kids during a school year but if you don’t have kids or you are staying within the same school district Fall can be a good time to move.

We don’t get a lot of snow on Coloradoos Front Range so bad weather isn’t a good excuse either.  

Don’t miss this opportunity. If you wait until next spring you’ll be competing with the crowds again.

You’re best chance to get a beautiful home this fall is to reach out to a professional Realtor now. You can call or text me at 970-203-5066 to get the conversation started.

Should I Sell My House to Zillow?

One question I’ve heard a lot recently from homeowners is, “Should I Sell my house to Zillow?”. It’s no surprise that it is at the front of most home sellers minds, there are a lot of iBuyers and companies offering Guaranteed Offers, Instant Offers or similar gimmicks. You can get these quick home purchase offers from Zillow, Open Door, and other investor groups.

But let’s answer the question, Is it smart to sell a home to Zillow or other home purchase program?

The first thing you should ask yourself is, why am I selling my home. What is most important to me in the transaction of selling my house? If you need to sell your home fast and don’t want to take the time to deal with fixing some minor problems and cleaning up the house, Zillow might be a great option. The main value that selling to an iBuyer provides is that the process is quick and easy. But obviously this comes at a cost.

Selling a House to Zillow




If you are hoping to take advantage of this great market to get top dollar for your home then you should avoid Zillow and take you home to the traditional home market. You’ll definitely get more money for it on the open market.

While listing your home traditionally may require you to fix a few maintenance items and to clean up before showings, you’ll get a lot more people looking at your home. Working with a Realtor will bring all of the interested home searchers to your door. Once inside these families will likely fall in love. Families that fall in love with a house and have a fear of missing out are likely to pay a lot more for your home than an investor would.

Selling your home to Zillow or similar buyer is going to get you a low ball offer. The investment companies might do some minor repairs or possibly replace the carpet but in most cases they are just going to list the house within a couple of weeks for more money.

Why take less money that your house is worth? Wouldn’t you rather pocket that easy money that these investors are taking advantage of?

Sell House to Zillow


Again, if you are in a rush or don’t want to deal with holding open houses or having real estate showings, maybe taking a Guaranteed Offer is the way to go.  It depends on your current situation.

If you are thinking about selling your home, give me a call. I can get you a handful of Instant Offers and we can discuss whether that makes sense for you. Text me at 970-203-5066 to get started on your best options.


NoCO Real Estate Market Update – September 2021

What are the current real estate market trends for NoCO? Let’s look at the latest real estate data for Larimer County and Weld County for a look at Northern Colorado’s current real estate market situation. We’ll review the median home sales price and the number of days on market in this NoCO Real Estate snapshot.

Single Family Homes - NoCO Real Estate
Condos - NoCO Real Estate
Days on Market - NoCO Real Estate
Condo Days on Market

These housing market stats are collected from the multiple listing services for Northern Colorado. How does this data compare to real estate in your neighborhood? Reach out to Andy Hawbaker, Realtor for a personal Real Estate Review of your home or investment property. You can reach Andy at 970-203-5066 or through the contact forms on this website.

As you can see for both single family homes and condos and townhomes, the median sales price is increasing steadily and the number of days on the market is at an all-time-low. This signifies the NoCO is still in a very strong Sellers Market.

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Andy Hawbaker

Andy Hawbaker


Windsor Real Estate Market Update – September 2021

The Real Estate Maret has been hot all across the country. Colorado remains one of the hotetest real estate markets and Northern Colorado is a big part of that. Of course people want to move to Windsor, CO; so things here in Windsor are moving pretty quickly. 

Let’s look at the real estate market data from August 2021 for the City of Windsor, CO. The Windsor Real Estate Market is strong. Now could be a great time to sell a house. Watch this quick video for all of the recent market data.

Do you have more questions about the Windsor Real Estate Market? Reach out to Andy Hawbaker, Realtor® by text or phone at 970-203-5066 or fill out a form on this website. Andy would love to discuss windsor or surrpounding communites with you.

What Can You Get in Fort Collins for $500,000?

Many people are considering a move to the Colorado Front Range. One question I often get from people looking to move to Fort Collins is how much house can you get for $500,000. Obvioulsy, the size and quality of home in Northern Colorado that you can afford may be very different than what you can get in other states. I made this quick video to show you how much house you get for $500,000 in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Greeley. These homes all sold in the summer of 2021. 

After watching the above video what do you think? Are you surprised at how much home you can get in Fort Collins, CO for $500,000? While Northern Colorado Real Estate Prices are more expensive than other places in the country, you can actually get more home in Fort Collins for $500,000 than in Denver or other parts of Colorado.

All information in the video is public record and sales happened during the summer of 2021. The intention of this video is to showcase how much home you can buy for $500,000 in Northern Colorado. If you have any questions reach out to Andy directly through the forms on this website. 


*Andy Hawbaker is a Licensed Realtor® in Northern Colorado serving the homeowners of Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and surrounding communities.  

Can I Take It With Me? Tips For Selling Your Home

What exactly is included in the sale of the home and what can I take with me. This is a question I’ve heard a few times when talking to people who are trying to sell their homes. So, here we are answering the questions of people looking to sell their homes.

The simple answer to the question is that anything attached is included. So your built in shelves, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, or anything actually attached to the house should be included. However, if you really want the light fixture you would simply need to let your Realtor know and they can list the item as excluded from the sale. This would mean that the item is excluded and you could take it with you. It would be best to remove the item before putting the house on the markt so there is no confusion about it.

It’s always best to comunicate with your Realtor to make sure they know all of your intentions on what is included or not included in the sale of your home. Being clear and upfront about it n the beginning will save everyone headaches and disappointments in the future.

Selling Your Home for top dollar
selling you home

If you are looking to sell your home in Windsor, Fort Collins, Loveland or surounding Northern Colorado communities, reach out to Andy Hawbaker for more expert advice on getting the most money for your home. You can reach Andy at 970-203-5066.

Andy Hawbaker, Realtor