Living in Loveland, CO – Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

There are many reasons that people love living in Loveland, CO but for me the number one reason that I love Loveland and Northern Colorado is the excellent outdoor recreation opportunities. You can hike, backpack or camp in Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park, explore up the Poudre River or travel to anywhere in Colorado or Wyoming for adventure but you don’t need to because there are great recreational opportunities right inside the Loveland, Colorado city limits. 

Loveland Colorado has an awesome Open Space Program* which takes advantage of the Larimer County Open Space Tax to purchase many open lands. Some of these properties include Rivers Edge Natural Area where you can fish or walk your dogs around the ponds, Old St. Louis where you can walk along wet lands and bird habitats, Boise Bend where you can access the Big Thompson River and Devil’s Backbone trail where you can mountain bike.

In the embedded video, I was walking around Equilizer Lake & Houts Reservoir near Lakes at Centerra. This area is great because there is a paved trail around the lakes making it ideal for strollers, wheel charis, skateboards and scooters or for walkers and runners.

This area is accessible to the newer homes in the Lakes at Centerra development, the townhomes near Target and it is all open to the public. Check out this unique in town outdoor adventure opportunity in Loveland Colorado. 

Do you agree that the best part of living in Loveland Colorado is the outdoor recreation opportunities? Where do you like to explore?

*Note: Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor in Northern Colorado but he also served on the City of Loveland Open Lands Commision for 10 years. The opinions in this article are his own. 

Buying Investment Real Estate in Loveland, CO

Loveland Colorado has been recognized as a great place to live for a long time. There are many reasons that people want to live in Loveland, CO but as home prices across Colorado have appreciated at record levels, some area around Denver are pricing people out which makes Loveland an ideal place to move to. Not only that, but it is also a great place to buy investment properties. Loveland, CO Real Estate might be the best place in invest in all of Colorado. Let’s look at all of the reasons why.

There are many great reasons to buy investment real estate properties in Loveland, Colorado. First of all, Loveland is a beautiful place to live. There is a lot to do, the schools are great, you’re close enough to Denver for quick day trips, you can go to Fort Collins for entertainment or visit Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

In addition to all of that, the economy is strong. You could easily commute to Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, and Boulder or even North Denver or Cheyenne. All of these communities offer job opportunities. Some recent news for Loveland, CO is that Amazon is building a large warehouse. This will bring many steady jobs to the area.

The Amazon jobs are not likely to be high paying executive jobs but instead good jobs for people who will likely be renting. This means that Loveland, CO should see an increase in people searching for long term rentals.

The reason this is an opportunity for real estate investors is that home prices in Loveland aren’t as high as Fort Collins or areas closer to Denver yet the average monthly rental amounts are still very high. Loveland might be the best place to invest in Northern Colorado Real Estate. 

Loveland Colorado

In addition to the above mentioned opportuntity for long term rental properties in Loveland, there is also a great opportunity to purchase short term rentals in the downtown Loveland area. With the popularity of AirBNB and Verbo, vaction rentals are in high demand. People would rather rent out an entire home in downtown Loveland that stay at a hotel out at the interstate. When family visits people living in Loveland for weddings, graduations or family reunions, they’ll be searching for short term rentals. 

The downtown Loveland area has been transformed in recent years. There are multiple breweries, great restaturants, a movie theater and other things do do in the area. Staying in a vaction rental in downtown Loveland would be highly desireable for people visiting the area. 

If you are thinking about buying investment real estate properties in Colorado, consider buying a home in Loveland. It might be the best opportunity in all of Colorado’s Front Range.

*Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor® in Northern Colorado with 8z Real Estate. Reach out directly with any questions you might have about buying homes in Loveland, CO.*

Is Windsor Colorado A Safe Place to Live?

Windsor Colorado, kind of like all of Northern Colorado, is a great place to live for many reasons. Not only is Windsor, CO a great place for families, retirees and first-time homeowners, it’s also a really safe place to live.

As the above video says, Windsor, CO is a very safe place to live. The town has over 40,000 residents and a very low crime rate. Windsor doesn’t have the homeless people that you’ll see in Fort Collins or Loveland. A recent report showed that Windsor, CO is safer than 77% of all towns and cities in the United States.

Of course, things ocassionally happen. The teenages get mischeivious just like other places but Windsor doesn’t have gangs, big drug problems or other issues that tend to lead to higher crime rates. 

If you are considering a move to Windsor, CO, you will know that Windsor, CO is a safe place for your family. If you’d like to know more about moving to Windsor, Reach out to me through the contact page

Where Are The Foreclosures in the 2022 Real Estate Market?

Mortgage interest rates are increasing, home prices have appreciated to new levels and affordability is getting harder and harder for people to achieve. Along with that, many people are asking if the market is a buble and will it burst? Many would be investors or first-time home buyers are asking me if there are going to be foreclosures on the market. Let’s answer the question, Where are all of the foreclosures in the 2022 housing market.

First of all, there is not a housing bubble. We’ve seen incredibly high demand for homes which is driving up the prices and the government has to increase interest rates to slow down inflation. Neither of those things will directly cause a real estate market to crash. Many people are looking back at 2008 & 2009 when we had a market crash. That market crash of 2009 and resulting recession was caused by mortgage lenders giving loans to everyone who applied. There were no standards and many people who did not qualify for the homes they bought obviously got in trouble.

The current lending restrictions of 2022 are much more difficult. The people who own homes now have proven their credit worthiness and income. They will not default on their mortgage payment at the levels we say in 2009.

Secondly, home owners have a lot of equity. Even home owners who bought homes only 1 or 2 years ago might have $100,000 in equity. So, if they lose a job and fall behind on mortgage payments, they will still be able to sell their home for a big profit. They will obvioulsy sell their home instead of going through foreclosure.

And lastly, the real estate market is still a very hot sellers market. There is very high demand for homes and few homes currently for sale. That means that someone who is struggling to make their mortgage payment due to a hardship, could place their home on the market and sell in within 30 days. There would be no need for a foreclosure process and for the banks to sell the home at a discount.  

Where to find foreclosures

For all of the above reasons, I do not expect to see a surge of foreclosures. If you’ve been asking where to find foreclosures in this market, I wouldn’t expect to see any foreclosures any time soon. The market is shifting with higher mortgage interest rates but demand to buy a home is so strong that prices and home values will stay strong.

If you have questions about the Northern Colorado Real Estate Market, reach out to me directly by phone or text: 970-203-5066. 

Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor with 8z Real Estate in Northern Colorado.

Why Rising Interest Rates Are Good News for Home Buyers

The average 30 year mortgage rates hit an all-time-low in 2021 with many people locking in rates below 3.0%. Experts predicted that rates would climb in 2022 to the high 3% or low 4% range. In early April rates have already reached 5.5%. This will have a real impact on monthly mortgage payments and what buyers will be able to afford. Believe it or not, rising interest rates are good news for home buyers. Read on to learn why buyers will benefit from rising mortgage interest rates.

Why Rising Interest Rates Benefits Buyers

I know this sounds crazy but hear me out.

Home buyers have been getting beat up for almost two years from the extremely hot sellers real estate market. We’ve heard the stories of home going 20% above asking, 20+ offers on all listings and full cash offers with no inspections. We all asked when the tables may turn back in favor of buyers but truthfully, with supply and demand where it is, the economics of this market won’t change unless we can slow demand.

That’s where interest rates come into the picture. Rates rising over 2% in a few months has a real effect on average mortgage loan payments and ultimately how much people can afford. This is scary to those who are already struggling to afford current prices in Northern Colorado. However, this is going to drive some people out of affordability.

I’ve already talked to people who can no longer afford to buy homes in the price range they were looking or they will need to move from a Conventional loan to a FHA loan. This will drive people out of the market and will slow down demand.


What Does This Mean For Qualified Home Buyers?

Rising interest rates will benefit highly qualified buyers because it is going to take some of the lesser qualified buyers out of the market. This means your odds of getting a home will increase. You may not have to offer so far above the asking price and you might be able to ask for some inspection items.

Remember, even at 5% interest rates, a 30 year mortgage rate is far cheaper than rates we’ve seen in the last 40 years. It’s still very low compared to average historical rates.


 Rising interest rates

Should You Wait to Buy A Home When Rate Drop Back Down?


Simply put, we don’t know what will happen with interest rates. Inflation is very high so rates may continue to rise. You a better off to get into the market at whatever rate you can get at this time because they may rise much higher. You can always refinance in the future if rates do come down.

All of this said, now is a great time to buy real estate. Home prices are still expected in increase. A slight slowdown in demand will work in buyers favor but won’t be significant enough to keep prices from going up as there is still a major deficiet in supply and demand.

Reach out to me with your specific questions about buying or selling real estate.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

The answer really depends on what your intention is for that home. The current real estate market in May of 2022 probably isn’t the best time to buy a home for a quick flip. But, if you are buying a home for your primary residence this is still a great time. 

If you plan to live in this house for at least a few years, the expectation is still that the prices of homes will increase. The supply and demand is going to be a problem for a long time so prices will stay strong or continue to rise but at a slower pace than in 2021.

If you are buying a house for a rental, now is still a great time. Monthly rent amounts will continue to go up with inflation and supply and demand for homes to live in. It is still a good time to buy a rental if you can get the numbers to work for you.

If you have more questions about buying or selling real estate in Northern Colorado, reach out to me.

Windsor Colorado Real Estate Market Update

Windsor Colorado Real Estate Market

What is going on in the Windsor, Colorado Real Estate Market? The above video covers all of the latest market data from April 2022. We cover the median sales price, number of homes for sale, number of closed transactions, average days on market and how much above the asking price the average home sells for.

Using all of this current data on the Windsor, Colorado market, we can get a good picture of what is happening and what Windsor Home Sellers or home buyers should expect. The data shows that home prices are continuing to increase at a fast pace. Once homes are on the market, they sell very quickly. Most homes that are priced correctly should go onto the local real estate market on a Thursday or Friday and should be under contract by Sunday or Monday. It only takes one weekend in most cases to get multiple offers.

Windsor, Colorado Homes

Home buyers in Windsor, Colorado should expect to over above the asking price. On average, homes in April 2022 sold for 103.2% of the asking price. That means people are paying 3.2% above the asking price. For example, that is $18,000 over asking on a $600,000 house and $24,000 over asking on a $800,000 house. Remember, this is an average which means that some really in demand homes are going for even more above the asking price.

There is a lot going on in the Colorado Real Estate Market. This is just a snapshot of some of the local data. If you have more questions about buying or selling a home in Windsor, Colorado, reach out to me directly on my contact page or Call/Text me at 970-203-5066.

*Andy Hawbaker is a Licensed Realtor with 8z Real Estate in Windsor, Colorado.*

Is the Real Estate Bubble Going to Burst?

There is a lot of talk in the spring of 2022 about a real estate bubble. People are expecting the real estate bubble to burst and to see home prices come back down. If you are hoping to see a depreciation of home values, I have some bad news for you. Pulsenomics recently surveyed 100 top economists to get their opinions on the future home appreciation values. In this video i deiscuss the details of that study including the estimated appreciation values over the next 5 years. 

The video explained what 100 top economists predict home appreciation values to do over the next five years. They are not calling for any price depreciation or loss of equity for home owners. Instead they are calling for slightly above average price appreciation over the next few years. That means that home owners are not going to lose money on their newly purchased homes and they will actually see some pretty nice returns on their homes.

The example discussed in the video is that if you bought a $400,000 home in Northern Colorado now, that house would be worth $507,000 after 5 years. So that investment in a home will actually make you over $107K in equity. Compare that to paying off your landlords mortgage where you end 5 years with no appreciation.

Do you have questions about Northern Colorado Real Estate? Reach out to me. I’m happy to help. Do you agree with these predictions or do you think something different will happen? Comment on the YouTube Video to let me know.

Do Solar Panels Add Value to My Home?

Solar electricity has gotten a lot better in recent years. The solar panels work more efficiently and create a lot of ‘free’ power. But, do solar panels add value to the value of your home? That is a common question that home owners ask. It’s kind of a complicated question because it depends on a lot of factors. However, in real simple terms, no, adding solar panels to your home isn’t going to add a lot of value to the sales price of your home.

The Case for Adding Solar Panels to Your Home.

Solar power is pretty great. It means that your house isn’t contributing to all of the pollution problems that energy from fossil fuels does. It’s pretty awesome to power your home from the light of the sun. Today’s technology is far ahead of solar panels from the past so it is a great time to get into solar power. 

However, placing solar panels on your home doesn’t necessarily add value to your home. If you put solar power on your home and then immediately put it on the market, you won’t recoup those costs. 

Solar Panels & Real Estate Transactions

If you have solar panels on your home you can pass that on to a buyer if you sell your home. The buyer can assume the lease and make the remaining payments. If the system is paid in full you can just leave the panels for the new owners or some solar companies can request the loan be paid off at closing. 

With all of these scenarios, it is important to think long term when you are buying solar panels. If you are going to live in your home for 20 years or more, you will likely enjoy the benefits of solar power enough to make the costs worth it. But if you need to resell your home within the first few years, it does not make your home more valueable and you might lose a portion of the money you send on solar panels.

Sell Your Home For More Money With These Kitchen Staging Tips

Home staging has been shown to have a big impact on the sales price of a home. Arguably, the most important room in a house is the kitchen so great kitchen staging may increase the value of your home in a big way. Watch this video to see the most important tips in staging your kitchen.

Kitchen Staging Tips

First of all just like other rooms in the house, you have to start with a very clean room. A kitchen should be clean, all dishes should be put away and all surfaces and appliances should be wiped down. Make sure you remove all countertop appliances. Items like coffee makers, mixers and toasters can be put away to make the kitchen countertops look bigger.

Next is the actual kitchen staging. As seen in the video above, a few nicely placed cutting boards add texture and are appealing to the eye. A couple of small plants can add a splash of color. Add some cook books or a tea pot on the stove to again add some color. You could open a cookbook up to a recipe and leave it open on the counter.

Hopefully you’ve gotten some ideas on how to better stage your kitchen when selling a home. If you work with me to stage your home, I will give you a free staging consultation so we will know the house looks as good as we can make it which will help you get more money for your home.

Reach out to me on my contact page to discuss the best way to sell your Northern Colorado Home.

Fort Collins Real Estate Market Update

What in the heck is going on with the Fort Collins Real Estate Market? We know that the spring 2022 real estate market is very competitive but what does that actually mean? Let’s dive into the data from March 2022 to see exactly what is going on in Fort Collins Real Estate. All the information you need is in the video below.

Fort Collins Real Estate is the same as the other Northern Colorado Communities. Inventory is low, homes are selling withing days and going for above the asking price. This means that if you are a home seller, now could be a great time to sell your home. You could move up to a larger home, downsize, or take the money and move out of the area.

We are seeing similar real estate market conditions all across Colorado. In the below video we will look specifically at how Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor all compare.

So that is your snapshot on what is actually happening in the Fort Collins Real Estate Market. Now remember, just because it is a hot sellers market doesn’t mean that you should continue to sit on the sidelines if you are a buyer. Colorado Home Prices are expected to continue to appreciate in the coming years. Let’s talk about your situation and see if we can get you into a new home.

*Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor® with 8z Real Estate – Northern Colorado. If you have have any questions about buying or selling in Northern Colorado, reach out to Andy through this website or just text/call 970-203-5066.