The Northern Colorado Real Estate Market is hot. It is becoming more and more difficult for buyers to compete for a limited supply of homes. The best way to stand out is to make an all cash offer for your dream home. Don’t have the money sitting in a bank? No problem. I can make you a cash buyer without you having the money on hand. Listen up because this is a no-brainer.

When we asked potential home buyers what one thing they wish they had to make themselves more competitive in the real estate market, the answer was overwhelmingly – CASH. With that in mind, 8z Real Estate developed a Cash buyer program.

Here is a very basic look at the Cash Buyer process:

  • Get Pre-approved for our Cash Offers program.
  • Shop for a Home with an 8z Agent.
  • Put in an all cash offer on your dream home.
  • 8z Offers will close on that home within 2 weeks.
  • 8z Mortgage will work through the regular process so your new mortgage will buy out the house and the home will be in your name.
  • In the end, you own the home. There is the one extra step but it is no extra work on the buyers end.

What are the benefits of the Cash Buyer Program?

  • On average cash buyers put in 1.4 offers before getting their home while non-cash buyers can put in 7 to 8 offers before they get a home. If you figure that you are only putting in one offer each weekend, that means being a cash buyer can save you 2 or more months of time in home shopping.
  • Money Savings. Sellers will generally accept a lower cash offer over any higher purchase prices from buyers who require financing. So you may be able to purchase your home for 10% less than what you’d have to offer if you weren’t a cash buyer.
  •  Timing. With the cash buyer program, we can match the needed dates of the seller. We’ll be able to close within two weeks if they are ok with it. Or we can be flexible. This doesn’t have to perfectly match you closing on another property the same day or anything like that. We’ll have the time to close when the seller needs to and then we will close your end at your convenience.
  • Shopping with confidence. I can tell you that many home buyers are frustrated right now. I sucks to be falling in love with homes that you have such a small chance of actually getting. If you know you are making a cash offer, you can shop with confidence.
Cash Buyer

You likely have some questions about how the Cash Offers Process will work for your situation. Just reach out to me directly at 970-203-5066 or Contact form.

I’d be happy to discuss the Cash Buyer program and talk about how we can help make you cash buyer and therefore a much more competitive buyer. Reach out. I can help. 

*Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor in the State of Colorado with 8z Real Estate’s Northern Colorado office.*