If you live in Larimer County or Weld County Colorado you likely received your county property tax assessment in the mail and you were probably shocked by the increase in value. While we’ve been talking about how much colorado home prices have been increasing over the last few years, this is the first time it’s actually hitting most residents unless they’ve tried to buy property in the last couple of years. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about these tax assessment and what you could do to protest it.
The tax assessed value is the value that you are paying property taxes on. All of the mills that are added to property in your area such as schools, fire districts, etc. are multiplied by this assessed value for the amount you will owe. For most Northern Colorado Residents, the new tax amount will likely be hundred of dollars more per month than the previous amount. Since most mortgage companies collect these taxes as part of your monthly payment, the actual amount you pay monthly to your mortgage company will be higher.
Home values

If you believe that the actually value of your home is less than the value the county assessed, you can fight it. You only have until Just 8th to contest the new value so you need to act quickly.

The first thing you need to do to properly fight this home assessment, is find comparable sales in the timeline that the assessment was conducted. If you can find comparable sales in that timeframe that support a lower value then you have a great chance of fighting it. So how do you find good quality comps?

Reach out to me at this email address:

Include your name, property address and value that the home was assessed for. I will reply with my opinion of value and comparable sold properties that you can use to fight the change in value.