Does Greeley Colorado really smell bad? This is a question that I get all of the time from people thinking about moving to Greeley, CO. Lots of people say that Greeley has a smell, is this true?Let’s answer the popular question: Does Greeley Stink?

Like I said in the above video, Greeley Colorado does have a large JBS Meet Packing Plant on the east side of downtown. In addition, Weld County is a rural area with a long history of farming and ranching so yes, they are times with Greeley smells like a farm.

There are days that are worse than others. Most of the time you won’t smell it at all but then the wind will be blowing the next day and you’ll definitely get a whiff. If you ask people who live in Greeley, they often say that they don’t smell it or don’t even notice it.

The further west you go the less likely the smell will be a problem. The west side of Greeley has some really nice neighborhoods and Windsor, Loveland and Johnstown are great places to live also.

I hope I answered the question: Does Greeley Stink. If you have additional questions about moving to Greeley or Living in Weld County, give me a call or text at 910-203-5066.

*Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty in Windsor, CO.*