Many people are moving to Colorado for the great weather and awesome outdoor recreational opportunities. They are moving to Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and surrounding communities. If you are thinking about moving to the area, please consider these 5 reasons not to move to Windsor, Colorado.

The above video covers 5 reasons that you should not move to Windsor, Colorado. No town is perfect and Windsor Colorado really is a nice place to live but make sure you consider all of the different aspects of living in this area. 

Windsor, CO really is still a small town. Even with 40,000 people living in Windsor, it fells like a small town. We are lacking in some restaurants, we don’t have a night life or places to hang out at night but there are also so many other great things about living in Windsor.

If you are still interested in moving to Windsor, definitley reach out to me to talk about the options. I’ve lived in Northern Colorado since 2005 and moved to Windsor in 2019. I can definitely answer any questions you have about living in Northern Colorado.