Selling a home is stressful. There is a lot going on when you put your home on the market. But one things is for sure, you don’t want to make this dumbest move that sellers can make when they put their home on the market.

You’ve picked out your trusted realtor, decided on an asking price, cleaned your home and staged it properly and now it is time to start showings. You’ve done everything right, now don’t make the single dumbest move that people make when selling their home…. being there for showings.

That’s right. the single dumbest move a home seller can make is to be home during the showing times. I know it is a hassle but the buyers don’t want to see you. If you are home they will not spend much time in the house. They’ll feel rushed and want to get out of there sooner than they should.

You want potential buyers to spend time in the home. You want them to envision living there with their family. They can’t do that if you are hiding in one of the bedrooms or even if you met them at the front door and then took the dog for a walk. 

Your job as the home seller is to get out of the house before the showings start and let the Realtor handle all questions, talks and discussions.

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