Is Fall a good time of year to buy a house? Yes, absolutely. Fall means more than just cooler temperatures and falling leaves. It’s also a time of year when some people pull out of the real estate market to focus on other things. 

Most people get excited about moving in the spring. When winter ends and temperatures warm up people are ready for change and Open Houses get filled with visitors and ultimately higher and higher bids start winning the available houses. This summer was difficult for 1st-Time home buyers but the tides are changing. 

In late September and October we are seeing homes on the market for weeks instead of hours. We are even seeing some price reductions. With that in mind, you might have a better chance to get your dream home.  

Fall Home

I understand people who don’t want to move their kids during a school year but if you don’t have kids or you are staying within the same school district Fall can be a good time to move.

We don’t get a lot of snow on Coloradoos Front Range so bad weather isn’t a good excuse either.  

Don’t miss this opportunity. If you wait until next spring you’ll be competing with the crowds again.

You’re best chance to get a beautiful home this fall is to reach out to a professional Realtor now. You can call or text me at 970-203-5066 to get the conversation started.