First Time Homebuyers Listen Up! It is an incredibly tough time for people who are first time homebuyers. But I always believe there is a way if you really want it. So here are 3 important moves for any First Time Homebuyer.
1. You can qualify for a mortgage with as little as 3% down. Yes, it’s true. Forget about the 20% down you’ve heard from your parents, you only need to put 3% down to buy a house.
2. It’s tax season. Are you getting a refund? If you were to buy a townhome in Loveland/Fort Collins for $400,000 that is only $12,000 down. If you are a W2 employee, there is a good chance your income tax refund will get you close to the required down payment to buy a house.
3. Don’t just get approved for a mortgage loan, get approved as a cash buyer. I can’t stress this enough. The lower end of the real estate market is so competive. A borrower with only 3% down, no appraisal gap, unable to waive an appraisal and nothing to make you offer stand out, will have almost zero chance to buy a home in this market. Ask me about 8z Cash Offers!

Taking advantage of these three important moves for First-Time Homebuyers will put you in the best position to be able to buy your own home. I’m more than happy to talk with any first time homebuyers about setting the right expectation in this real estate market and to guide them in the direction that will help their dreams come true. Contact me to get started.

Other extremely important things to do for First-Time Homebuyers:

Are you wondering if Andy Hawbaker actually has the experience it takes to be an expert for 1st-time homebuyers? In 2021 Andy helps 6 first-time homebuyers acquire homes in an incredibly difficult market. Read their reviews here: 1st-Time Homebuyer Reviews.

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