For some reason it feels like everybody has a real estate license. You probably know 6 or 7 real estate agents. Obviously they are not all the same and there is one important distinction that you should consider: Are they a dedicated full time real estate agent or is this something they do on the side?

It is relatively inexpensive to get a real estate license but really hard to get your business to be successful. Because of this, many people get their license then only work part time at real estate because they need their regular job to survive.

Reasons to Hire a Full-Time Realtor:

1. In this market the good houses move fast. You have to be able to move quickly to be competitive.

2. The market moves quickly. If your realtor isn’t writing offers regularly or watching for all new properties, you are at a disadvantage.

3. Negotiations often happen in the evening when people are off of work. If your Realtor waits tables or tend bar at night, how is that going to work?

4. Showings, inspections, walkthroughs and closings will all need to happen during regular business hours. If your chosen real estate agent works a desk job how is that going to work?

5. If your real estate agent doesn’t need to work because of a spouses income or other situation how dedicated are they going to be to drop everything to save a deal?

I don’t want to make it awkward at the next family reunion with Uncle Joe but this is the largest financial decision that you may make in your lifetime. Make sure whoever is working as your real estate agent has some experience, knows what they are doing and will be available to help when you need it.

If you are considering buying a home or if you need to sell your Northern Colorado home, make sure you hire a Realtor who will be able to guide you through the entire transaction and won’t cost you money or lose a deal. 


Full time Agent