One question I often get from home buyers is: Are HOAs good for resale values or are they just another expense. The answer is that it really depends on the HOA and on your particular needs and wants.

Many HOAs offer access to a pool, parks, trails or other community ammenities. Some HOAs may include trash pick up or other services into your bill. You’ll need to calculate all of the amenities and weigh that against the monthly or quarterly cost. 

You often hear people complain about their HOA or saying they want to live somewhere without an HOA. Sometimes an HOA can try to enforce rules that may include keeping your trash cans out of sight, not having vehicles outside or even the care of your landscaping. They are trying to keep a clean and good looking neighborhood but of course, not everyone likes the HOA getting up in their business.

SO, an HOA can be a great thing if they provide amenities that you desire and they also ensure that the neighborhood is clean and looking good. This will help you sell your home. If the entire neighborhood looks good it should increase the value of your home. However, if you have an RV you want to park in the driveway, an HOA may not be for you. 

Is HOA good for resale vales