Being a First Time Home Buyer in Northern Colorado can be difficult. The cost of homes have been appreciating quickly which can easily price out new buyers. Also, the cost of living makes it hard to save up for large down payments and on top of it all you care going to have closing fees too. What if there was a First Time Home Buyer Grant Program that would help you out with the cost of purchasing a home?

Introducing the 8z Keys For Life Program. Home ownership is directly linked to unleashing upward social mobility, the American promise. At 8z, that is why we do what we do, passionately. The 8z Keys For Life Grant Program will help first time homebuyers cover their closing costs. 

8z has created a $250,000 fund to help buyers with closing costs and prepaid expenses that will bridge the often-small gap that holds back many first time buyers. 15 buyers will be selected every quarter.

Keys4Life Grant Program

The 8z Keys4Life Grant Submission for Summer 2022 starts on 6/21/2022. Visit the Keys for Life Page for all details: Here.

Or Reach out to me directly with your questions. I know someone who just received a $10,000 grant to cover their closing costs. They just closed on their first home last week. The program is a helpful way to help first time buyers get into their homes.

*This Program is only for Colorado First Time Buyers.*