You’ve heard people say that the Northern Colorado (and all of the USA) Real Estate Market is cooling down. Well, after 2 years of an extremely intense sellers market, it’s really a good thing to see the market normalize. Buyers are freaking out about rising interest rates and this has spooked many potential home sellers. Honestly, home sellers should still be very excited about listing their homes in a sellers market after all of the recent home appreciation. But, before you sell your home, make sure you watch the details of this video to learn, how to sell your home in a cooling real estate market.

The current real estate market still favors sellers but it is not a good time to price your home too high, skip staging or make other mistakes in listing your home. If you follow the suggestions in the video above, you should still expect to receive top dollar for your home. 

Summer of 2022 is a great time to sell a home because you have recently gained all of the appreciation. If you sell your home now you’ll realize all of that additional value. You definitely will be happy with the price you get when you sell your home. 

The number one rule in selling a home in any market is to call an experienced local real estate agent. Avoid the urge to sell by owner, use a part time agent or a discount agent. Your home is likely your largest asset so be sure you sell it in a reasonable timeframe and for top dollar. 

If you have more questions about selling your home in Northern Colorado, reach out to me at 970-203-5066.