Loveland Colorado has been recognized as a great place to live for a long time. There are many reasons that people want to live in Loveland, CO but as home prices across Colorado have appreciated at record levels, some area around Denver are pricing people out which makes Loveland an ideal place to move to. Not only that, but it is also a great place to buy investment properties. Loveland, CO Real Estate might be the best place in invest in all of Colorado. Let’s look at all of the reasons why.

There are many great reasons to buy investment real estate properties in Loveland, Colorado. First of all, Loveland is a beautiful place to live. There is a lot to do, the schools are great, you’re close enough to Denver for quick day trips, you can go to Fort Collins for entertainment or visit Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

In addition to all of that, the economy is strong. You could easily commute to Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, and Boulder or even North Denver or Cheyenne. All of these communities offer job opportunities. Some recent news for Loveland, CO is that Amazon is building a large warehouse. This will bring many steady jobs to the area.

The Amazon jobs are not likely to be high paying executive jobs but instead good jobs for people who will likely be renting. This means that Loveland, CO should see an increase in people searching for long term rentals.

The reason this is an opportunity for real estate investors is that home prices in Loveland aren’t as high as Fort Collins or areas closer to Denver yet the average monthly rental amounts are still very high. Loveland might be the best place to invest in Northern Colorado Real Estate. 

Loveland Colorado

In addition to the above mentioned opportuntity for long term rental properties in Loveland, there is also a great opportunity to purchase short term rentals in the downtown Loveland area. With the popularity of AirBNB and Verbo, vaction rentals are in high demand. People would rather rent out an entire home in downtown Loveland that stay at a hotel out at the interstate. When family visits people living in Loveland for weddings, graduations or family reunions, they’ll be searching for short term rentals. 

The downtown Loveland area has been transformed in recent years. There are multiple breweries, great restaturants, a movie theater and other things do do in the area. Staying in a vaction rental in downtown Loveland would be highly desireable for people visiting the area. 

If you are thinking about buying investment real estate properties in Colorado, consider buying a home in Loveland. It might be the best opportunity in all of Colorado’s Front Range.

*Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor® in Northern Colorado with 8z Real Estate. Reach out directly with any questions you might have about buying homes in Loveland, CO.*