Home staging has been shown to have a big impact on the sales price of a home. Arguably, the most important room in a house is the kitchen so great kitchen staging may increase the value of your home in a big way. Watch this video to see the most important tips in staging your kitchen.

Kitchen Staging Tips

First of all just like other rooms in the house, you have to start with a very clean room. A kitchen should be clean, all dishes should be put away and all surfaces and appliances should be wiped down. Make sure you remove all countertop appliances. Items like coffee makers, mixers and toasters can be put away to make the kitchen countertops look bigger.

Next is the actual kitchen staging. As seen in the video above, a few nicely placed cutting boards add texture and are appealing to the eye. A couple of small plants can add a splash of color. Add some cook books or a tea pot on the stove to again add some color. You could open a cookbook up to a recipe and leave it open on the counter.

Hopefully you’ve gotten some ideas on how to better stage your kitchen when selling a home. If you work with me to stage your home, I will give you a free staging consultation so we will know the house looks as good as we can make it which will help you get more money for your home.

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