Severance is a great place to live in Northern Colorado but what is it really like living in Severance, Colorado. There are both pros and cons about living in Severance, Colorado. Let’s look at what it is really like. 

As discussed in the above video, Severance is an ideal place to live because of the lower cost of living. You can buy a house in Severance for a lot less money as compared to Fort Collins, Windsor or Loveland. You’ll find a lot more house for your money in Severance compared to the neighboring communities.

With lower home prices, really good schools, the bike path and a few small businesses to support, Severance has a lot to offer.

VIDEO: Severance Colorado Neighborhoods

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Severance Colorado does not have much to offer when it comes to grocery stores, shops and restaurants. Severance in mostly a bedroom community. It is a short commute to Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor or Greeley so it isn’t bad to hit those stores on your way home. 

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