Most people agree that Windsor, Colorado is a great place to live for many reasons. The town of Windsor, CO is really spread out. People with Windsor addresses live in neighborhoods like Water Valley, Raindance, High Pointe, Steeple Chase and Highland Meadows. Those are all nice areas but what are the pros and cons of actually living in town Windsor, CO?

As described in the above video, Windsor, CO has a triving downtown area that is becoming a really cool place to hang out. There are new restaurants, breweries and places to hang out and more establishments are set to open soon. This makes living in downtown Windsor even more fun.

In addition, the downtown area of Windsor, CO is on the shores of a really nice lake called Windsor Lake. Windsor Lake allows motorboats, kayaks, paddle boards, has a swim beach and a bike path all the way around the lake. 

These are just some of the reasons that living in downtown Windsor, CO is so great. Make sure you watched the video for all of the great reasons to live in town Windsor, CO.