Loveland Colorado is a great place to live. Of course the location is great, the economy is good and home prices are relatively less expensive than other areas in the Colorado Front Range but one of my favorite parts about living in Larimer County is the fantastic open lands and outdoor recreation opportunities. Let’s check out Old St. Louis Natural Area in Loveland, CO. This outdoor recreation area is part of the City of Loveland’s Open Space program and it offers a great trail for walking as well as access to the Big Thompson River. 

Visit Old St. Louis Natural Area for a quiet walk in nature right in the middle of town. You can use the paved trails to push a stroller or let your kids ride scooters or explore the soft surface trails for some wildlife viewing. This is a fantastic area for a quiet walk. I saw many birds, baby frogs, baby bunnies and very few people. Deer and elk also make it this far into town so you never know when you’ll have a sighting.

Loveland Open SPace
Old St. Louis Natural Area

Loveland has a lot of great outdoor spaces. Visit River’s Edge Natural Area for more great outdoor experiences. Or visit Boise Bend Natural Area for move Big Thompson River Access.

If you have any questions about moving to Loveland, CO reach out to Andy Hawbaker for more information. Andy is a licensed Realtor® with Kris Lindahl Real Estate.

*Disclaimer: Andy Hawbaker served 10 years on the City of Loveland’s Open Lands Commission. This post has nothing to do with that affiliation but is merely informational for people interested in Loveland, CO.