Are you thinking about moving to Greeley, Colorado? Northern Colorado is a great place to live and Greeley offers a lot of great amenities to its residents but before you make a move consider these pros and cons of moving to Greeley, CO.

Anywhere that you decide to live is going to have it’s pros and cons. Greeley has a lot of great things about it. First of all, Northern Colorado has great weather. We get a ton of sunshine and the winters are actually pretty mild.

Greeley Colorado has a lot of employment opportunities and is near Loveland, Fort Collins, Longmont and Cheyenne for short commutes and it isn’t that far from Denver for professional sports teams, museums, concerts and other entertainment.

Greeley Colorado is also less expensive than surrounding areas when it comes to home prices. A similar sized home in Fort Collins, Loveland or Windsor will be much more expensive than a home in Greeley. This affordability factor brings a lot of people to the area.

What are some of the bad parts about living in Greeley, Colorado?

Moving to Greeley

People from surrounding area will tell you that Greeley stinks. There is a large meet packing plant and there are definitely time that greeley does stink.

There tends to be more crime and reported drug use that other areas in Northern Colorado and Greeley is more prone to have tornadoes and hail storms than it’s neighbors to the west.

Take it for what it’s worth. Everyplace has its pluses and minuses.  

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*Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Northern Colorado with 8z Real Estate.*