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One question I often hear is, “Do I need to work with a Realtor?”. Many people believe that they can sell their own home on thier own. It is true that you can put a sign in your yard and sell it yourself with the help of an attorney prepared contract. However, there are many things you should consider, #1 being that people who sell their home by themselves end up taking far less money once the home does sell. 

Here is something to consider, if you buy a home in Northern Colorado, you will likely spend over $350,000. If you had a $350,000 tax problem would you do it yourself or would you hire a CPA? If you had a $350,000 legal problem would you bother to hire an attorney? Of course you would. When you have some much money on the line you need to hire a professional who will have your back and guide you through the process. 

Here are 8 reasons to hire a Realtor.

1. To navigate a complicated process: A Realtor is a knowledgeable expert will help you prepare the best deal and avoid mistakes or problems that can be costly.

2. For information and opinions: Realtors® can provide you with community information including utilities, zoning, schools, and more. Realtors have probably dealt with these same questions multiple times and will save you time.

3. Help Finding the best property: we can do many searches to find properties quicker and potentially have properties that we know about that aren’t yet open to the public.

4. Negotiating skills: Your agent can advise you as to what is reasonable to ask for in negotiations.

5. Property marketing power: A lot of real estate sales comes as the result of a connections -not advertising. Working with a Realtor will definitely sell a property faster than doing it on your own.

6. Someone who speaks the language: Your Realtor will be able to walk your through the process and make things easier for you.

7. Experience: Laws and regulations change. REALTORS® handle several transactions each year. Having an expert on your side is critical.

8. Objective voice: Home buying and selling can be an emotional undertaking. Having an objective, third party helps you stay focused.  

Realtors add a lot of value into the real estate transactions. A good Realtor will likely net you more money than if you did it on your own. Don’t do it on your own. Hire a professional so you can have peace of mind as you work through this stressful time.

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Andy Hawbaker, Realtor

Andy Hawbaker, Realtor

Northern Colorado’s local Real Estate professional. Specializing in helping Buyers and Sellers navigate real estate transactions.