Many people are looking to move to Loveland Colorado and surrounding Northern Colorado communities. There are a lot of great reasons to want to live in the Northern Colorado or Fort Collins area but first let’s discuss the top 5 reasons not to move to Loveland.

Loveland has a lot of really nice features. The weather is nice with lots of warm sunny days, the economy is good, there are many job opportunities and there are some great outdoor adventure opportunities BUT Loveland isn’t the perfect place to live. Let’s look at some of the reasons moving to Loveland might not me right for you. 

1. The Cost – Homes in Loveland Colorado are more expensive than homes in many nearby communities. If you want to move to Northern Colorado but you are on a budget, you might want to look at Johnstown, Milliken, Severance, Greeley, Evans or Eaton. These smaller Northern Colorado communities all have homes that are priced more affordably.

2. Taxes – Property taxes in Loveland are higher than other nearby communities. The shopping at the Centerra mall are surrounding restaurants have an additional sales tax. Many newer neighborhoods have a Metro District which is also an additional tax added to your property taxes and in general, taxes in Larimer County are higher than in nearby Weld County.

3. Not really that close to the mountains. If your dream is to live near a ski resort, Loveland Colorado is not the place. There is a Loveland Ski Resort but it is a 2 hour drive away if the traffic is good, and its never good. Living in Loveland, CO, you’ll realize that the mountains and mountain adventures are much further away than you think. 

4. Nightlife – Loveland Colorado is a family town in a lot of ways. In recent years, there have been a number of new businesses and growth in downtown but in general, there aren’t a lot of places to go out at night. Many of the breweries close early and the town shuts down earlier that nearby Fort Collins.

Maybe these reasons aren’t that big of a deal to you. If you can overlook this small items, moving to Loveland might be the right thing for you. If you have an questions about moving to or living in Loveland, CO just give me a call at 970-203-5066.