When you are shopping for a new home you’ll likely be tempted to look at buying new construction. THere are many advantages of buying a newly built house. Obviously it is great to be in a brand new home in a new neighborhood but there are a few drawbacks to a brand new neighborhood that people often don’t think about. 

When you drive through an older more established neighborhood you often find yourself remarking on the beautiful trees. Large trees provide shade and privacy around your home. A yard with mature landscaping takes a long time to establish. If you move into a brand new neighborhood you can do all of the landscaping yourself but it will take years for those trees to grow.

There is an old saying “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second best time is now.” So that is my advice. If you decided to buy a home in a new construction neighborhhod, plant your trees as soon as you can, water them through the winter the first couple of years and make sure they are healthy.

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Here is a video playlist with information on buying newly built homes: