You want to buy a home but with the closing costs and downpayment you are wondering how you can afford it all. Well, did you know that you can work with a Realtor for free when you are buying a home? It’s true.

The Realtor is someone who has your back and guides you through the whole real estate process. They do a lot more than just open doors for you, they keep the process moving and protect their clients from legal issues. 

The Realtor that represents the buyer is actually paid at closing by the seller. It is all part of the closing costs but it comes out of the sellers proceeds so hiring a buyers agent actual is free. 

*There is one major question to ask a realtor though. Always ask them “Do you charge a transaction fee?” It is becoming more and more common to charge a transaction fee to the buyer. This can be $200 up to $700 (maybe higher). Realtors that charge a transaction fee do the same job it just costs you hundreds of dollars extra.*

I do not charge a transaction fee so it truly is free to work with me as a buyers agent. If you don’t ask other realtors about their transaction fee, you might not know until it pops up on your closing documents. 

Hopefully this has answered the question, how can I work with a Realtor for free. Visit my YouTube Channel for more real estate questions answered quickly. Just the facts you want to know without all of the B.S. 

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