You’re buying a brand new home from a builder. The construcion company has a sales person on site who is quick to pull out a contract. Home buyers in this situation often ask: Do I need to use a realtor for new contruction? We’ll answer that in this video.

The quick answer is Yes. In the state of Colorado construction companies are allowed to use their own contracts. They do not have to use the standard contracts approved by the state. Homebuyers rarely read the contracts and you can guess who it favors. In fact, builders often times hire realtors to work in their sales office but they ask them to pause their real estate license so they aren’t required to follow the code of ethics and all of the rules.

Hiring a Realtor to have your back can save you a major headache. Your Realtor will know the right questions to ask and will review the contract for read flags. Your Real Estate Agent can walk you through the whole process and will keep you up to date and on track.

Hiring a Realtor for a new build home doesn’t cost you any money. The builder pays the buyer agents fee. It doesn’t increase the money you pay at all. So this is an opportunity to have someone involved in the transaction who has your back for no additional cost.

There are many benefits in buying a new construction home. When you do get into a new construction contract you’ll want a Realtor on your side. Remember, when you are buying you work with a Realtor for Free.

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Andy Hawbaker is a licensed Realtor in Windsor Colorado. He would be happy to discuss your home buying needs and how to work with a new construction home. If you are buying or selling in Northern Colorado, reach out to Andy Hawbaker at 970-203-5066. 

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