What exactly is included in the sale of the home and what can I take with me. This is a question I’ve heard a few times when talking to people who are trying to sell their homes. So, here we are answering the questions of people looking to sell their homes.

The simple answer to the question is that anything attached is included. So your built in shelves, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, or anything actually attached to the house should be included. However, if you really want the light fixture you would simply need to let your Realtor know and they can list the item as excluded from the sale. This would mean that the item is excluded and you could take it with you. It would be best to remove the item before putting the house on the markt so there is no confusion about it.

It’s always best to comunicate with your Realtor to make sure they know all of your intentions on what is included or not included in the sale of your home. Being clear and upfront about it n the beginning will save everyone headaches and disappointments in the future.

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