Everybody has heard the concept of buy low and sell high. It’s a very basic concept that works with any investment but, too many people are trying to time the market perfectly and by waiting, they are actually costing themselves money. In the below video, I’ll explain why it isn’t about timing the real estate market but instead it is about the time you are in the market. In most cases, the sooner you start the clock of being in the market, the more money you’ll make.

When it comes to real estate investing, many people make the error of trying to perfectly time the market. They wait for the “perfect” moment to buy or sell a home, attempting to predict when prices will rise or fall. However, timing the market is a difficult task, and even real estate experts can get it wrong.


Instead, successful real estate investors focus on being in the market for the long haul. They take a buy-and-hold approach, riding out small market fluctuations and focusing on the overall value of their investment. By staying invested over a many years, real estate investors benefit from the natural appreciation of real estate values, the ability to generate rental income, and the tax advantages of owning property.

Ultimately, the key to real estate investing success is not about timing the market, but about being in the market for the long term. By taking a patient and strategic approach, investors can build wealth over time and achieve their financial goals. So remember, successful real estate investing is not about timing the market, it is about the time you are in the market.

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