Whether you are currently living in Windsor, CO or planning a move to Windsor, you are probably wondering what is there to do in Windsor, Colorado? While there are a lot of fun things to do around Windsor and all of Northern Colorado, on this post we are going to talk about outdoor recreational opportunities including the City of Windsor Bike Trail.

Windsor is a bike-friendly town. There are bike lanes through-out downtown Windsor and through many neighborhoods. But, perhaps the best bike-friendly thing about Windsor, Colorado is the bike trail and recreational bike trail through the city. 

As, I’ve mentioned before, Windsor Lake is situated right in the middle of town, just steps off of main street. There is a bike trail all the way around Windsor Lake (almost 2.5 miles). From there, you can head east and catch the Great Western Bike Trail on the east side of Windsor and bike or walk through Severance all the way to Eaton.

Or, from the west side of Windsor Lake, follow the trail all the way west through town to the River Bluffs Open Space and Catch the Poudre River Trail. 

Are you wondering what the Tom Jones Trail through the middle of Windsor Colorado looks like? Take a virtual bike ride here: Windsor Bike Trail.

Biking Windsor, Colorado – Poudre River Trail

The Poudre River Trail is an amazing bike trail system that connects many Northern Colorado Cities. The Poudre River Trail starts west of Fort Collins, Colorado, winds through Timnath, connects to Windsor and then follows the Poudre River all the way to Greeley.

Check back as I will post video content of the Poudre River Trail through Windsor and on to Greeley.


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