Windsor, CO is a great place to live. There is no question as to why so many people are looking to move to Windsor. This series, ‘Wednesday in Windsor’ is all about celebrating the good things happening in Windsor Colorado. The series will take place on Youtube each Wednesday. If Youtube isn’t your thing, you can also find the content here on the Andy Hawbaker Real Estate Blog.

If you ask the current residents of Windsor, CO what one thing Windsor needs, 90%+ of the time you’ll here about the need for another grocery store. We have a King Soopers and a Safeway on the far West Side of town. These stores are very busy and often out of stock for many items. These stores are getting busier with the massive construction happening in Raindance and other areas of Windsor, CO.

Many people have suggested that building a grocery story on the east side of town would alleviate the pressure on those stores and also give a place for people in Severance to shop. 

What do you think? Would you like to see a new grocey store in Windsor? Would you like to see a Natural Grocer, Whole Foods, Sprouts or more traditional grocery shopping experience?

Check back more informational content about Windsor, CO is coming soon.