Are you interested in the Northern Colorado Real Estate Market? Let’s discuss Windsor, CO and Severance, CO and how the real estate market is doing in these towns. The data discussed in this video and this page is from June 2021, the most recent data available. Let’s review the number of homes sold, number of homes on the market, average sales price and other real estate data.

Windsor RE Update

In June 2021, the average sale price of a single family home in Windsor, CO was over $603,000. This is a 22% increase over last year. There were 161 closed sales in Windsor, CO which is 57.8% more than last June. 

The average sales price is climbing at more than twice the ten year average appreciation of 8 to 10% per year. The Windsor, CO Real Estate market remains very strong along with all of Northern Colorado. 

The City of Windsor is a place people want to live. It has a hometown feel, the schools are good, it’s centrally located in Northern Colorado and there are great recreational opportunities.

Windsor Real Estate Update

Let’s review the number of homes listed, under contract and sold in Windsor, CO during the month of June. There were 129 new listing added to the market in June. 119 homes went under contract and 161 homes were sold. 

The inventory problem is easy to see, there were 129 new homes for sale but 161 homes sold. So obviously there is a lot more demand for Windsor, CO homes than there is homes for sale.

The total number of closed sales in up 57.8% over last years numbers. 

If you are considering buying or selling a home in Windsor or Severance reach out to me at 970-203-5066 or by filling out a form on this website. I am a licensed Realtor® with Kris Lindahl Real Estate. I live in Windsor, CO and serve all of Northern Colorado.