3 Extra Costs When Buying New Construction Homes

When you are out shopping for a new home in Windsor, Fort Collins or elsewhere in Northern Colorado, you’ll likley be tempted to look at buying new construction homes. There are obvioulsy a lot of advantages to buying new construction. However, there are a few extra costs that will come up right after you move in. These probably aren’t deal breakers but they are expenses that new homeowners should keep in mind. 

In the above video you learned 3 extra costs that homeowners need to cover when buying a new construction home. All three of these expenses are things that you’ll need to pay for relatively quickly after moving in. It is important that you factor this in to your overall moving costs or you’ll find out quickly that these additional purchases will be needed.

Again, I love new construction. I recently moved into a newly built home in Windsor, Colorado and we planned for having a refrigerator to be delivered on moving day and we went out and bought all of our window covering that afternoon.

Hopefully you have found this information to be helpful in considering the purchase of your new home. I have more videos and information available on my YouTube Channel or throughout this website.

I wish you the best of luck in searching for your new home. If you need help from a Northern Colorado Real Estate Expert, please feel free to give me a call.

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