3 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

When you are looking to hire a real estate agent there are some questions you should ask your agent. You don’t want to just work with someone because they are a friend of a friend. You’ll want to hire a real estate agent that knows the local market, knows how to negotiate on your behalf and someone you’ll enjoy working with. 

So, the next time your next door neighbor tells you that their son got a real estate license, pause and ask them these important questions before moving forward.

Watch the above video for 3 important questions to ask a real estate agent before hiring them to buy or sell your home. 

Hiring a real estate agent is a big step in moving forward on an important financial decision. Choose someone who is a full time agent that takes the profession seriously. Be sure to make sure you know the “Why” in what they are doing and finally make sure that they are going to communicate with you in a way that you feel good about. The number one complaint that people have with their real estate agents is that they felt like they didn’t know what was going on or they were not communicated with as much as they’d like. You can have the proper expectations if you ask the above questions from the beginning. 

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