Windsor, CO Homebrew Club?

Let’s do it. Yes, Windsor is ready for it’s own Homebrew Club. 

Here’s the deal, I belong to 2 Homebrew Clubs in Loveland and I know others in the area are attending a Greeley Club or the Fort Collins Club. Driving or arranging rides to these surrounding areas is a pain. There are enough Homebrewers in the Windsor to start our own. It doesn’t have to be huge. 5 or 6 regular members would be fun or more would be cool too.

What I have in mind:

Honestly, I’m just hoping for a group of guys and gals who like beer and fermentation. Meetings should be a fun and safe place to share your latest concoction and hopefully get some honest feedback. The goal should be to have fun and continue to be learning to brew better beer. 

I’d like this to be a safe place for newbies to learn some skills but also attract those who are making great beer.  When I say beer, we’re open to Beer, Mead, Cider, Wine and Kombucha or whatever liquids you’re currently making at home. We can see what members want from this group. We can do monthly educational events or we can just share homebrew and chat. Whatever people want to do is good with me.

Again, the whole thing is about having fun and creating a community of like minded people in Windsor, CO.


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**Note: Yes, I’m a Realtor and you are on a Realtor Website. This was done out of convenience since I had the site and knew how to create a form. If you fill this out I’ll keep you posted about starting a homebrew club… unless you also want to sell a house. Haha. Realtors are the worst. LOL.